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Mazda Canada Digital Program

NERD Auto makes its entry among the certified suppliers.

Terrebonne, August 11, 2020 – NERD Auto is taking its place in the first manufacturing program in the country by becoming a certified supplier for Mazda dealers in Canada. From coast to coast, the Japanese manufacturer’s approximately 164 franchised dealerships can now opt for NERD Auto’s services for their digital presence.

“We would like to warmly thank the team at Mazda Canada International (MCI) for their confidence, as well as the team at Shift Digital whose collaboration and support were instrumental in this important achievement,” said Louis-Philippe Villeneuve, co-founder of Nerd Auto. For him and his team, this very first appearance in a manufacturer’s digital program represents a major accomplishment.

After more than two years of intensive development, the all-new NERD Auto dealer website platform is coming to market as a modern, high-end alternative that is in tune with the reality of today’s dealerships. “Our team comes from the automotive world, we’ve been sales directors, marketing directors… which gives us a unique perspective and understanding of the needs and challenges facing dealerships. This gives us a unique perspective and understanding of the needs and challenges facing dealerships,” said Mr. Villeneuve, whose primary objective is to provide concrete assistance to the sales and management teams in their day-to-day operations.

The new NERD Auto platform offers a wide range of technologies to help make the experience for sales and marketing departments and prospects alike a user-friendly, simple and enjoyable one.

Where the nerd approach particularly stands out is in the instant access to all of these technologies, including upcoming updates, for a minimal price. The current pandemic has led us to revise our business model to really help our customers, especially financially,” says Villeneuve. This decision makes NERD Auto the most affordable Web platform of all those offered in the program.

Business goes fast… so do the nerds!

Even before developing the NERD Auto Web site tool, the agency was able to distinguish itself on the market thanks to the exceptional quality and responsiveness of the service offered. For Louis-Philippe Villeneuve and his team, this is a key element that remains at the heart of their priorities. Jean-Bernard Tremblay, President of L’Ami Junior Group, has chosen NERD Auto for the digital marketing of all 13 of its dealerships, including two under the Mazda banner. He said: “In my opinion, the biggest advantage of working with NERD Auto is their great availability and their proactivity at all times. Beyond the benefits of their platform, I feel that they are at my side to support my team and help us reach our goals. Knowing that we can count on them at all times is invaluable to us and greatly simplifies our operations. »

About NERD Auto

NERD Auto is an agency specialized in digital marketing and websites for car dealerships. Their senior team, which has extensive expertise in SEO, SEM and automotive sales, helps dealerships to perform better by optimizing their investments and increasing their sales.

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