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Simplify with us every step of your dealership web marketing strategy.

PERSONALIZED BUYING EXPERIENCE to reduce the documentation time in dealerships

About Us

Our vision was born two years ago from the combined experience of Louis-Philippe Villeneuve and Danny Gravel. Louis-Philippe has more than 15 years of experience in the web field and as a Director of Automotive Sales, while Danny Gravel has 10 years of experience as the Marketing Director of the largest powersports dealer in Canada. When the company was founded 2 years ago, we already offered personalized service to compensate for the obvious lack of time AND aggressive quotas that car dealers are forced to deal with.

Since then, we have grown to include 12 marketers in our marketing division – all experts in their specific field – in addition to 25 developers in the programming department.
Combined, the 2 divisions formed NERD AUTO.

Our Services


Sliders easy to build! With Videos and Forms. Personalized Design to re-create your dealership emotion feedback.


Personalized buying experience to reduce the documentation time in your dealership.

Inventory Management

Brand new Inventory Management System. Easy to use directly from your phone. Think to perform.

Social Media Posting

Share your Used Cars Inventory or Promotions directly on Facebook.


We built our platform in the most optimized way to allow customization and elasticity for each of our customers.

Help & Support

Our team is available at all times and our efficiency will allow us to answer customers’ questions in real time.


SEO Best Practices for Search Engine Optimization for Your Needs


Optimize your budget: The best cost-per-click practices for your needs!

Social Media Management

Let us manage your social media presence with style! (Facebook - Instagram - Linkedin)

Our Clients

What clients say

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Ready to bring your dealership to the next level ?

Our advanced web plateform truly help dealers to simplify their web management-related tasks, inventory management and social media steering.

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