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Automotive Websites For Car Dealers

Building emotion

With its sleek, modern and intuitive design, Nerd Auto’s platform was built with the intent of delivering a positive browsing experience for all of your online visitors. Shopping for your next vehicle should be a simple, pleasant and exciting moment. And it begins online. That’s where we need to start building the positive emotions… not frustrations!

  • Easy to customize

  • Above standard conversion rates

  • Exceptional load time

  • Inventory management tool

  • Integrated & transparent Analytics

  • Agency & dealer group friendly

The latest technology, at all times

What if your website was updated in real-time with the latest technologies and newest features available, instead of waiting for years? We’ve got you covered.

Online technologies evolve at high speed. With your Nerd Auto’s website, your dealership will jump ahead of the wave – and stay there. Benefit from every new features and updates in real-time. 

Pick-up where customers left your website

Greeting customers in the showroom without knowing how far they are in their buying process makes it difficult to start a good relation. We know.  What if you could pick-up the buying process in-store, exactly where your customers left in online. We’ve got that covered for you.

With features like multi-layer forms, build & price tool, add-to-cart and real-time trade-in appraisal, allow your customers to design their transaction at their own pace. Be ready to greet them and to seamlessly pick-up the process where they left in, dramatically decreasing documentation time in-store.

Treat all shoppers as shoppers

Walk-ins are not what they used to be? Well, shoppers are still browsing your inventory and thinking about their next transaction. They’re just hidden behind a screen. Nerd Auto’s add-to-cart feature and instant discussion tool allows your team to engage with buyers earlier in their process, increasing your ability to convert them into sales.

Lightning quick loading time

You work hard to put great content online, keep your website updated, show you best promotions and have a top-notch inventory merchandising strategy. How about making sure your shoppers get to enjoy all of this content without having to wait several seconds for each page to load? Nerd Auto Websites are using the most recent technologies available to deliver unrivaled, lightning fast loading times for both desktop and mobile users.

Let’s make your dealership awesome, together.

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Our advanced web plateform truly help dealers to simplify their web management-related tasks, inventory management and social media steering.

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